So pretty much all of last year I kept telling myself I’d start a blog for the website and I wrote several posts, but never actually published anything on the site.  It may well be a load of waffle but one thing I can guarantee is that it will be a bit random!!!  What do people even want to see on here? My plan is to update you on the behind the scenes side of Potsy, how it came to be, how it is day to day in the studio as well as general life stuff!

For 2018, we have sooooooo many plans for the studio,  lots of new workshops to be loaded on the new shop section of the website – THIS IS NEWS!!! like BIG NEWS!  This excites me muchly and lots of thanks has to go out to Greg at Birch Webdesign again (he’s a website magician) for making it happen.   This will (hopefully) be used lots and will simplify processes in the studio.

This week has been tough and a bit of a learning curve as a small business owner, I confess, accounting isn’t a passion of mine, neither is paperwork, filing, general organisation, nor housework, cleaning or cooking while I think of it, and its the dreaded self assessment deadline time of year.  Well after many tantrums and a few late nights and a couple of magic number elves its done!  The business is at a fork in the road where a few decisions need to be made, I know the universe will give me a sign or throw a curve ball to nudge me down the path I need to go down, but for now I’ll just ponder.  I do promise myself every year I’ll sort myself out and be more organised, but this year I mean it!  So much needs to be done outside the studio opening hours and I think that’s one of the hardest things with having your own business.  You never switch off, like never.  I love potsy and I’m obsessed with the studio if I’m honest, but its hard work!!!  I’m fortunate that my children love coming to work with Mommy and they’re always painting samples.  Long may it continue!

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