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February Potsy ramblings…..

Wowzers..... January was a bit of a whirlwind, thank you so much for continuing to support us and helping us grow.  We've had lots of parties this month, pottery painting, foam clay and bear making.... and a couple of slime making parties too but more on that later! ...

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Then there was a blog….

So pretty much all of last year I kept telling myself I'd start a blog for the website and I wrote several posts, but never actually published anything on the site.  It may well be a load of waffle but one thing I can guarantee is that it will be a bit random!!!  What...

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Potsy blog ramblings!

So I haven't posted on here for a long time, but I'm really going to try and make this a weekly feature!  My plan for this blog is to fill you in on my future ideas for Potsy, update you on what's been happening over the previous week and generally waffle! I'm...

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School Holiday Activities Summer 2016

We've had a funny old week in the studio this week but the focus has been on getting ready for the school holidays!  We are super excited about our program of summer workshops, but don't forget, if you want to come along and paint some pottery at any time during our...

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We have lots of upcoming events for the school holidays and here's a taster! 25th July character plate workshop! We will draw a plate with your favourite character on so you can have a go at painting! for week one you can have a go at painting Darth Vader or a minion...

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